Def Leppard's Joe Elliott Original
Joe Elliott Drawing 1985
Joe Singing Drawing 1996
Ang posing with Joe
Viv and Joe with Kaleidoscope
Ang with Manager, Malvin
Ang next to Joe
Phil with Manage, Malvin
Viv, Phil and Joe waving Good-Bye!
Ang at County Fair 1986
Mr. Rogers presenting Ang Art Award 1986
Letter and Art Award Certificate 1985
Eddie Van Halen Original
Eddie Van Halen Drawing
Eddie Van Halen Drawing 1985
Ang holding Drawing of Judy's Nieces and Nephew 1997
Judy's Nieces and Nephew Original
Judy's Nieces and Nephew Drawing
Girl in Dress Original
Girl in Dress Drawing 1998
Clinique Ad Original
Clinique Ad Oil Pastel Drawing 1992
prisma (154K)
Pen and Drawing 1985
Love My Pencils