About Me
  …little did I know then a #2 pencil drawing of a rock star I drew in high school would be something not only to look back on as a past time hobbie, but I find my creative mind is inspired even more so today since drawing the storyboards to the “Everlasting” video in memory of my brother, whose lasting impression on me is to ‘love and enjoy life in everything you do’.

I reside in Sacramento, CA, and attended Sacramento City College’s Offset Lithography program in the mid 90's with specific focus on layout and design. I have a private art studio which I'm juggling time to be in since being a newlywed after retiring my commercial cleaning business and prospecting into the precious metals market. I also enjoy swap meets, thrift shops, car shows, horse racing and live music.

This website is portfolio of my artwork which I plan to continually have new projects to share. The most recent contribution is on my music page, the CD titled "Everlasting" which I co-produced with JK Northrup (Alien Productions Studio) featuring beautiful vocals by my cousin, Brandi Sue Ryland. This CD and its music videos are a reflection of the love that radiates within from "My Brother, My Friend".



Contact: lalasfunpad@yahoo.com